New Zealand College of Midwives
Wellington Region

NZCOM - Wellington region

Elected Roles

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Karen Wakelin

Regional Chair

Karen has worked as a midwife since 1997 both in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Most of her midwifery career has been spent in New Zealand working initially as an LMC midwife for 7-8 years, a core midwife and currently as an Associate Clinical Midwifery Manager at Hutt Hospital. She completed a Masters in 2006 which explored the sustainability of LMC practice.

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Shelley Teasdale


Shelley is a married mother of two primary school aged children, and she is also an independent case-loading midwife and founding member of the Endeavour Midwifery group based in Porirua. She relishes providing strong, evidence based midwifery care through the full scope of practice; including antenatal, labour, birth and the postnatal period. She is dedicated to the advancements of midwifery and has been an active member of the Core Management group for the Wellington region of NZCOM since 2010. She is also currently enrolled in postgraduate education as Master of Health Care Research candidate through Victoria University.

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Sue Calvert


Sue Calvert has been a midwife and member of the College for over twenty years. Sue is a past regional chair and has been a member of the core group for a number of years. Sue has worked in many areas of practice and currently spends her time in the area of professional regulation. While her masters degree research looked at decision making in the midwife-woman relationship, Sue has recently completed her doctorate exploring the topic of professional competence.

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Jana Walshe

Student Representative

Jana is currently a second year midwifery student studying at Otago Polytechnic. She completed her first year of study in Dunedin before moving home to Wellington this year (2015). Prior to midwifery she completed a Bachelor of Neuroscience at the University of Otago. Jana is enjoying her opportunities to work in partnership with women and midwives and is motivated to contribute to the profession through her role with the Wellington region NZCOM

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Jenni Green

Resolutions Representative

Jenni is part of BirthWorks Midwifery Service, a group of midwives who are passionate about midwifery. She finds it a joy to walk alongside women and their whanau/families as they journey towards parenthood, or grow their existing families. She believes the role of the midwife is an honour, and hopes to inform, encourage and empower women throughout the transition that is pregnancy.

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Jacqueline Boyce

Consumer Resolutions Representative

Jacqueline Wright became a full-time mother in March, 2013. Jacque’s experience in becoming a mother made clear to her how important and integral good midwifery care is in helping women and their families achieve the best experience possible during their pregnancy, birth and post-natal period. She has a huge admiration for all the time, skill and energy midwives put into the women and families they care for.

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Joanne Gimblett

Newsletter editor

Joanne is a core midwife at the Hutt Hospital with a small LMC caseload. She has been active in the NZCOM Wellington since she was a student in 2008. She has held the position of treasurer for three years and is now the newsletter editor.

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Cara Baddington

Events and Social Committee Coordinator

Cara Baddington is an LMC midwife working in the North Wellington/Porirua area in the Endeavour Midwifery group. She has been an NZCOM member since 2011 and has had involvement in the website committee, and more recently the social and events committee. Alongside midwifery, Cara also has an interest in childbirth and breastfeeding education, having worked in these areas since 2008.

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Nicky Jackson

Events and Social Committee Coordinator

Nicky Jackson was educated as a midwife in the UK graduating in 1994. She has worked in a variety of settings as an LMC in New Zealand and Core staff member in the UK and at Hutt Valley Health. Nicky has held the position of Treasurer, helped with national conference organisation and been a Standards reviewer for the College of Midwives. She also co-​manages birthEd, an antenatal education company providing free antenatal and early parenting education to families in both the Hutt Valley, Wellington and Porirua region. Nicky completed her Masters in 2014 and looked at the impact of antenatal education on young women's breastfeeding.

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Sue Lennox

Education and Research Committee Coordinator

Sue was a founding member of the New Zealand College of Midwives and the recent past President (2012-2014). She has worked as a domiciliary midwife in the community and as a core midwife, in team and solo practice, with women birthing in large and small hospitals and at home. In 2011, Sue gained a PhD for research into an innovative group approach to mentoring new graduates. In recent years Sue has been focusing more on supporting midwife colleagues as a mentor, clinical supervisor and as a midwifery educator. She is also working as a midwife advisor about maternity services.

Core Group

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Christine Griffiths

Christine Griffiths is a founding member of the NZCOM. She has worked as a midwife LMC, as a core midwife, and in midwifery management positions since first registering in 1985. Currently Chris is a senior lecturer, and the Programme Coordinator for the Otago Polytechnic Bachelor of Midwifery degree programme. Chris is a MFYP mentor, a NZCOM expert advisor, and a doctoral candidate at AUT University. Her PhD thesis is looking at how women access and engage with midwives in areas of high socioeconomic deprivation in New Zealand.

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Kath Boyle

Kath currently works at C & C DHB as a Clinical Midwife Educator. She has worked in various roles in the region including; consumer representative on Resolutions, consumer, student and midwifery representative on NZCOM Biennial social committees, Midwifery Standards Reviewer and Chair for the region for 4 ½ years.

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Robyn Maude

Robyn is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Student Research at the Graduate School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health (GSNMH) at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW), New Zealand. Robyn continues to provide Lead Maternity Care (LMC) for a small caseload of women birthing in hospital and at home. She is a member of the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal (HPDT), an expert clinical midwifery advisor for the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), Health and Disability Commission (HDC) and the Coroner’sCourt and a member of Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) midwifery expert advisory group (MEAG).

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Siobhan O’Connor

Siobhan is an experienced midwife, bilingual in both english and spanish. Initially a Registered Nurse, then trained and qualified as a midwife in the UK. She provides full LMC care for women from Porirua and surrounding suburbs down to Johnsonville, Khandallah and Ngaio. Siobhan works with a long established midwifery practice with three other experienced midwives. They facilitate births in Wellington Hospital and Kenepuru Maternity unit. She has experience in high risk pregnancies, and IVF pregnancies as well as normal pregnancy. Siobhan provides care from early pregnancy until 6 weeks postnatal.

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Ngarangi Prichard

Ngarangi is one of Wellington region’s most experienced and well-loved midwives. With almost 40yrs experience in nursing and midwifery, Ngarangi is about to celebrate 20yrs as a registered midwife. Ngarangi dependably provides the full scope of midwifery practice for a caseload that is predominantly Maori and Pacific Island, covering Wellington central through to Porirua. In addition, Ngarangi is not only a midwifery mentor supporting graduate midwives to navigate their chosen career, but is also a Midwifery Standards Reviewer, a member of the Core Management group for the Wellington region, a member of the Pasifika Midwifery Group, and is also heavily involved with Nga Maia, the National body that represents Maori Birthing in New Zealand.

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Ligi Igasia

Ligi, a registered nurse and midwife, has been working in Porirua as an LMC and core midwife at Kenepuru Maternity Unit since 1995. Ligi is working part time as an IBCLC for the Pacific Community in the CCDHB region. Also a BFHI/BFCI assessor for NZBA. She is originally from Niue Island and enjoys working in the Pacific community. She is an "Aunty" for Pacific midwifery students from the Lower North Island and is one of the founding members of the Pacific Midwives Group in NZ.